+ new singles from Tom Lyngcoln, Capitol, Lawn, Agent blå, Profit Prison and Sprain

The music week ending last Friday will stand as a Red Letter Week for the genres that make up our Post Punk Dark Wave Cold Wave Shoegaze & Post Rock related playlist on Spotify. Not only did four Class A albums drop simultaneously but a stack of singles emerged to whet the appetite for the forthcoming release of the respective albums they come from.

Last week’s quartet of long players are Just Look At That Sky on felte from Chicago’s Ganser, Andévalo on El Genio Equivacado from Sevilla’s Beladrone, A Hero’s Death on Partisan from Dublin’s Fontaines D.C. and Object Permanence on Spoilsport from Melbourne’s Hooper Crescent.

Two of the new singles came from Ontario outfits Toronto’s New Fries, who have a new LP The Idea of Us dropping tomorrow via Telephone Explosion and Hamilton’s Capitol who released the double A side Weathered/Piano Exit. Next week sees Melbourne’s Tom Lyngcoln release his new album Raging Head and ushered it in the sharing of its third single. New Orleans’ Lawn released a superb cut from their forthcoming album Johnny due September 4 on Muscle Beach. Los Angeles via Sydney duo Death Bells shared the first single from their upcoming record New Signs of Life out September 25 on Dais.

Gothenburg’s Agent Blå released the title track from their album Atropos due out on Kanine on October 4. Seattle’s Profit Prison released their 2019 track from the Divisive Distractions compilation for streaming for the first time on Avant! while Los Angeles post rock outfit Sprain gifted us the closing track from As Lost Through Collision due September 4th through The Flenser.

There were also new singles from Sinead O’Brien, I LIKE TRAINS, Moon Pics, Sea Cycles, Archie Sagers, The Ninth Wave and Sn.

All bands now playing in our Post Punk Dark Wave Cold Wave Shoegaze & Post Rock Playlist here on Spotify.

Watch the videos the New Fries track ‘Lily’, Death Bells’ ‘Heavenly Bodies’ and the official visualiser from Strangers In Danger from Sinead O’Brien.



New Fries (CAN)

From the forthcoming album, ‘The Idea of Us’, Telephone Explosion. Out on Aug. 7

Heavenly Bodies

Death Bells (AUS)

From the forthcoming album, ‘New Signs of Life’, dais. Out on Sep 25.

Strangers In Danger

Sinead O’Brien (IRE)

From the single, ‘Strangers In Danger’, Chess Club.