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    26th October 2018

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Dense and complex. An inspiring work of great intellect that rewards those with the insight and inclination to allow themselves the time to be transported to places hitherto unknown. While Aviary is a towering expose of artistic ability, it’s also a work of great humility from truly one of the independent music world’s very best composers, musicians and artists – Indie30.

“Writer Etel Adnan says “I’ve found myself in an aviary of shrieking birds.” [She] was a writer I was reading when I was making this record. Her stories were paralleling how I was feeling. She also writes about how memory stalks you. I thought that was so great. It’s true, right? They stalk you. I was invoking that, that feeling of the physical presence of memory. Just like birds can be beautiful, memory can be beautiful. But birds can also be terrifying and shrieking. Julia Holter – Interview with Billboard. “Julia Holter: ‘I Don’t Write Music Based on What I Think People Want” 26/10/18.

“On this record I’m really digging into my subconscious…People keep saying it’s not easy. And I get it, it’s long. But for me it’s very playful. I just wanted to make a playful, cathartic record. This is my version of that.”  Julia Holter — Interview with The Ringer. “I Don’t Have to Have a Message”: Julia Holter Speaks for Herself” 17/10/18.

“I don’t think too much about what people want. I think listeners these days are really sophisticated. They listen to so many different things. I’m just gonna do what works for me, and when I say that I don’t feel like it’s selfish. I think that that’s what I want artists I listen to to do—-to lead me through whatever their vision is.” Julia Holter — Interview with Spin. “Julia Holter Finds Herself in Songs of Monks and Birds” 25/10/18.



1. Turn The Light On
2. Whether
3. Chaitius
4. Voce Simul
5. Everyday Is An Emergency
6. Another Dream
7. I Shall Love 2
8. Underneath The Moon
9. Colligere
10. In Gardens’ Muteness
11. I Would Rather See
12. Les Jeux To You
13. Words I Heard
14. I Shall Love 1
15. Why Sad Song

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Inside Aviary 

Julia Holter (USA)

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Words I Heard

Julia Holter (USA)

From the album, ‘Aviary’, Domino.

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