Karen Nyame aka KG Drops Sensei EP

Hot on the heels of her two epic EP’s in 2019 with Scratcha DVA, veteran London underground artist/producer/DJ/radio host Karen Nyame aka KG has unleashed her new solo four tracker called Sensei. It’s a 18 minute ball of rolling energy characterised by its on fire syncopation and euphoric mood. In addition to the immediacy of […]

The Galleria (Morgan Geist & Jessy Lanza) Return With ‘Stop & Go’

The Galleria, the project that self-admittedly “ripples with the indigenous music of long-dead, suburban New Jersey shopping malls” belongs to American artist and producer Morgan Geist (Storm Queen, Metro Area) and the irrepressible Canadian vocalist, composer and producer Jessy Lanza. Dormant since its memorable “Calling Card/Mezzanine” double A side single in 2015, now they’ve hooked […]


“We better clean up this shit, this place is packed with pricks’” Norwegian artist Othalie Husøy aka Otha, has just released her new single, ‘Tired And Sick’, a mixture of deadpan mania and club ready four to the floor. If like most human beings, you possess a measure of awareness of and sensitivity towards others […]