Laurence Guy’s New Sample Rich Three Tracker

Watch the animated video for UK House producer Lawrence Guy’s  delightful ‘Untitled Needs’, the lead track from the expressive The Sun Is Warm & Directly Above You, his new sample rich EP for Shall Not Fade. A warm piano melody is underpinned by a spritely rhythm, the presence throughout of old school hiss and an […]

Video: Spine Tingling Opener From New Lanterns On The Lake LP

Today sees Newcastle Upon Tyne quintet Lanterns on The Lake deliver Spook The Herd, their carefully constructed fourth album, an artistic response to the divisive turbulence surrounding them and English society in general. Last week they shared the cinematic drama of its lush and intense opener ‘When It All Comes True’ complete with video taken […]

Record Review: Beatrice Dillon (ENG) – Workaround (PAN)

They say that time flies when your having fun. Well, how fast can 41 minutes go? Give the amazingly satisfying Workaround, the new album by London experimental electronic artist and producer Beatrice Dillon a spin and find out. Thrilling in its depth of ideas and its unique interpretive take on a multitude of genres and […]

Pet Shimmers Deliver Sixth & Final Single From Debut LP

Yesterday Bristol left field pysch-pop septet Pet Shimmers dropped the sweetly absurdist slow burning single ‘Tyson’. It’s a most agreeable albeit bittersweet effort about remembering the simple honesty of a cute and honest trick performing dog who we presume is/was called Tyson. We also presume from reading between the lines that sadly Tyson is no […]

Record Review: Newks (ENG) – Credence EP (Urban Kickz Recordings)

Last week Plymouth based techno producer Matt Holberton aka Newks released his new EP Credence, a work of both smouldering restraint and controlled intensity. It’s arguably his most functionally focused and disciplined in form since his return to the techno fold in 2018 after a 15 year absence.  It boasts four hard wired tracks possessing […]

Josienne Clarke Releases Exceptional Solo Debut LP

“These are not love songs, these are life songs; life lines to save me from sinking” After “(breaking) up with everything but songwriting” during 2018, English folk singer-songwriter Josienne Clarke decamped to the desolation of Scotland’s west, the Isle of Bute to be exact, and subjected herself to a layered reckoning both professionally and personally. […]

Flora Hibberd Releases The Absentee EP & Shares New Video

Yesterday Paris based English singer-songwriter Flora Hibberd released her debut EP, the idiosyncratic and immersive The Absentee. Produced by J.C. Wright, it contains the two substantive singles she released earlier this year plus two others that, while at some 3 plus minutes brief in comparison, are no less pertinent in carrying forward its dark yet […]


This week saw Manchester singer-songwriter Izzie Walsh release her bright, upbeat and determinedly insistent new single, ‘Clouded Mind’. Taking its cues in particular from bluegrass and country, it also contains some rock tinged edges that take it into Americana territory particularly within the dynamics at work in the verses. The inventive songwriting and composition is […]


Originally the bedroom pop project of vocalist/guitarist Ryan Smith, Hull lo-fi/shoegaze outfit bdrmm have released a double A sided 7″ single sporting the new track ‘Question Mark’ . It’s the sixth release and half way point in 2019’s Sonic Cathedral Singles Club series. Gently insistent, lo-fi filtered vocals appropriately match the track’s measured pace and […]


London based post punk outfit Ghum have released their new EP, the aptly named The Coldest Fire. Cloaked in dark overtones, across each of the four tracks spirals of fiery delay and reverb combine with menacing angularity to portray the twin forces of resignation and melancholy doing battle with defiance and rebellion. The latter comes […]