[Update] New Techno – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

A veritable revolution has taken hold over on at our New Techno Playlist on Spotify with no less than 23 of the 30 tracks turned over. Each of new additions have been made available to streaming services over the past week and we begin this seismic update with eight fully powered heavy hitters befitting a […]

Nørbak’s Comfort The Disturbed Now Streaming

Portuguese techno producer Nørbak released another blistering attack on the results of neo-liberal economics and conservative attitudes last week with the release of his new EP Comfort The Disturbed, a three tracker for Glasgow’s Soma Records. The frequency focused ‘Where Is Your God Now’ and ‘The Wise And The Disillusioned’ make use of familiar frameworks […]

UPDATE: New Techno – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

Just turned over more than half the contents of our New Techno playlist on Spotify adding 16 stellar new tracks. We’ve included all four tracks on the new Affinity 3 compilation from Affin Records featuring German duo A Sacred Geometry, Portugal’s Nørbak, Colombia’s Aleja Sanchez and Affin owner himself Joachim Speith, There’s also two tracks […]


With Portuguese DJ/Producer Lewis Fautzi at the selection and editing helm, seminal Spanish label Polegroup have released the sixth instalment of their Unknown Landscapes Mix series. Fautzi delivers a mix that includes a stunning array of approaches and styles, each sitting seamlessly side by side within a mind crunching techno constitution within and across the […]