New Electronic: Pop R&B Soul Dance Downtempo Chill

The last Electronic: Pop R&B Soul Dance Downtempo Chill New Music Playlist for 2020 features new singles from Paris sextet L’Imperatrice, Cologne’s  Moglii & Sydney’s Panama, Norway’s Remington Super 60, Nashville’s Haiva Ru, Dallas solo artist Caroline Baker aka JMES, Toronto duo Isla Den and collabs between Seoul’s Park Hye Jin & Los Angeles based […]

UPDATE: New Experimental & Electronic Playlist by Indie30

If you’re wondering why the written content has been a bit thin on here recently, a quick look at the quality across our seven New Music Playlists on Spotify should give you an inkling. Much of this sites energy is now spent scouring through music blogs, sites and correspondence to source the best new tracks […]