New in Post-Punk Darkwave Coldwave Shoegaze Post Rock

Our regularly updated 30 track New Post Punk Dark & Cold Wave Shoegaze Post Rock Playlist can be accessed here or from the embed below. Don’t forget to activate the follow button and do the same for this playlists’ Tracks of 2020 Series where you’ll find every one of the 750+ tracks featured in 2020. […]

New in Synthpop R&B Club Dance Soul Chill Beats

An Indie30 curated new music playlist on Spotify containing 30 brand new independently released regularly updated tracks in synthpop, R&B, “indie” dance, soul, chill downtempo, electro, funk, lounge, rap, jazz etc). 2021 companion here.

New in Techno

Hit our New Techno Playlist at any time here and you’re guaranteed to hear 30 of the best newly released tracks the genre has to offer. Detroit, Minimal, Dub, Acid, Hard, Industrial & Experimental. All tracks removed to make way for new can be accessed here in the Techno edition of our Tracks of 2020 […]

New in House

For the latest in independently released House music across a range of styles and genres head here. All tracks removed can be accessed here in the House edition of our Tracks of 2020 Series 

New in Experimental & Electronic

Combining the newest releases from a range of experimental genres including ambient, drone, soundtrack, field recordings, modern composition with what’s new in breakbeat, dubstep, electro, drum and bass, garage and bass music.  Access its all here. Regularly updated. Replaced tracks can be found in the Experimental & Electronic edition of the Tracks of 2020 Series […]

New in Folk Country & Singer Songwriter

Curated by Indie30 on Spotify, this new music playlist features 30 independently made tracks from the worlds of folk, country and the singer-songwriter. All tracks featured in this playlist can be accessed in its 2021 companion here.

2020 in Post Punk Darkwave & Coldwave

The vital genres of Post-Punk, Darkwave and Coldwave continue to provide a much needed soundtrack of social and political criticism for a failing world and much more emotionally, artistically and intellectually. Here are the best 125 tracks in Post Punk and the best 125 in Darkwave and Coldwave from our Post Punk Darkwave Coldwave Shoegaze […]

2020 in Shoegaze & Dream Pop

2020 proved to be yet another stellar year for shoegaze and dream pop where the modern proponents of these unlikeliest of bedfellows for some three and a half decades now looked firmly towards the future as much as they stayed true to the past. Here is the pick of the Shoegaze and Dream Pop derived […]

Tracks of 2020 Series: Electronic – Pop R&B Soul Dance Downtempo Chill

Home to the more sensitive, softer and more accessible side of groove laced electronic music, this Tracks of 2020 Series playlist using the Spotify streaming platform covers every independently released track featured in the 30 track New Electronic Pop R&B Soul Dance Downtempo and Chill Playlist during 2020. A total of 870 A Grade tracks […]

Tracks of 2020 Series: Techno – An Indie30 Playlist on Spotify

788 and counting. That’s the number of techno tracks we’ve added to our New Techno Playlist on Spotify so far in 2020. And all can be found here in our Tracks of 2020 Series: Techno. Follow both and uncover the very best Techno 2020 has had and still has to offer. Visit our Spotify profile here […]