Tracks of 2020 Series: Techno – An Indie30 Playlist on Spotify

788 and counting. That’s the number of techno tracks we’ve added to our New Techno Playlist on Spotify so far in 2020. And all can be found here in our Tracks of 2020 Series: Techno. Follow both and uncover the very best Techno 2020 has had and still has to offer. Visit our Spotify profile here […]

New Techno – An Indie30 New Music Playlist

Hit our New Techno Playlist at any time here and you’re guaranteed to hear 30 of the best newly released tracks the genre has to offer. Detroit, Minimal, Dub, Acid, Hard, Industrial & Experimental. All tracks removed to make way for new can be accessed here in the Techno edition of our Tracks of 2020 […]

Anunaku & DJ Plead Combine For Three Cuts of Percussive Perfection

Italian born DJ/Producer and Nervous Horizon head Guglielmo Barzacchini and his Australian counterpart and Sumac co-owner Jarred Beeler have come together under their Anunaku and DJ Plead aliases to produce a stunning three track EP. Titled 032, it’s characterised by the London based duo’s penchant for exploring global percussive elements in their individual work. Getting […]

Tracks of 2020 Series Now Playing, 50 Hours of Quality 2020 Techno Await

Thus far during 2020, we have added and removed 472 carefully hand picked tracks to our New Techno Playlist on Spotify amounting to over 50 hours of top shelf original mix techno. As they’ve been replaced by newer tracks, we’ve been archiving them in the Techno edition of our Tracks of 2020 Series of Playlists […]

ShhGrr & PWCCA Deliver Intense OTTAR Split

After releasing the 4 track split EP STX03 Research EP with Barcelona techno minimalist Eric Fetcher on his own Hardtools imprint Madrid’s PWCCA, the one year old techno moniker belonging to veteran producer Dr Cyanide returns in quick fire fashion teaming with the mysterious ShhGrr for an apocalyptic five tracker on Hardtools sub OTTAR. Shhgrr […]

Tam Nisam Releases Three Gems on Debut For BROR

Romanian producer Tam Nisam has just released his debut EP on the Gothenburg imprint BROR owned by Swedish producer DJ Lily. BROR11 features three off-kilter dub influenced techno delights and a Lily remix of ”Negura’, its exceptionally intricate opener. Underpinned by its rarified atmosphere and the propulsion derived from modulating percussion and super low reverberations […]

The Mournful Splendour of Whettman Chelmets

The Rain, The Pour is the impromptu and immense new three track EP by Joplin, Missouri experimental artist and multi-instrumentalist Whettman Chelmets. Beginning in early April as a session to unwind in response to the tense blur of being locked down, beset by worries and helpless. by the end of the month Chelmets had organically […]

Oscar Mulero Powers New Warm Up Digital Series

In keeping with its title Called Nature, Madrid techno legend Oscar Mulero opens up the new digital series for his label Warm Up Recordings with two full powered reminders of the ability his full press style of techno has to reflect the limitless power of the natural world. ‘Nature’ is a clangorous giant, its power […]

[Update] New Techno – An Independent Music Playlist by Indie30 on Spotify

A veritable revolution has taken hold over on at our New Techno Playlist on Spotify with no less than 23 of the 30 tracks turned over. Each of new additions have been made available to streaming services over the past week and we begin this seismic update with eight fully powered heavy hitters befitting a […]

Kelly Lee Owens Gifts New Inner Song Track ‘Night’

English left field techno artist and producer Kelly Lee Owens continues to successfully navigate a path through the somewhat uncharted waters between pop and techno on her organically savvy new single ‘Night’. One of the few artists across the vast techno landscape who can actually value add to her creations with vocals, Owens again brings […]